The Pacific Bonsai Expo is a joint project of Bonsai Tonight, LLC and Bonsaify, LLC. 

While returning from a bonsai event, Jonas and Eric spent the trip discussing the creation of a regional bonsai show that would showcase top-quality trees from a diverse group of people. The discussion has been wide ranging, and years-long, but from that start the organizers decided that creating a high-quality regional show would be a way to bring the bonsai community together for a wonderful event.  

Eric holding a rooted cutting

Eric and Dory Schrader are the co-founders of Bonsaify.com  Eric started bonsai in 2002 after attending a show from the Bonsai Society of San Francisco. Eric grew up in rural Mendocino county, and loves hiking among the oaks and redwoods. While studying with Boon Manakitivipart for ten years, Eric developed a passion for starting bonsai trees from seed and cutting. In 2019 Eric and Dory started Bonsaify to offer bonsai for everyone to experience and enjoy. Bonsaify is focused on connecting people to nature through informational and fun content, and on selling bonsai trees, containers, supplies, and related products through an online store. To keep up-to-date on Eric's pursuits, please visit bonsaify.com and sign-up to receive the newsletter; follow Eric on Instagram (@ericschraderbonsai); and watch videos and subscribe to his YouTube channel!

Jonas Dupuich

Jonas Dupuich runs Bonsai Tonight, LLC, a Northern California bonsai nursery where he teaches and writes about bonsai. He is the author of The Little Book of Bonsai and the Bonsai Tonight blog, a weekly publication featuring how-to articles and photographs of bonsai around the world. His trees have been selected for display in local and regional exhibits, including the US National Bonsai Exhibition. Jonas grows a variety of different species and specializes in developing black pine bonsai from seed. Learn more at bonsaitonight.com.