The Pacific Bonsai Expo recognizes that vendors provide crucial support to the bonsai community by making their trees, pots, stands, tools, and other bonsai supplies available online and at events around the country. We're proud to feature the following vendors and encourage you to visit them all!

Vendor Hours

Saturday, November 12:  9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, November 13:  9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Adam Toth
  • Austin Heitzman Furniture (OR), Austin Heitzman: stands, jita 
  • Bonchi Bonsai (CA), Matthew Walker: bonsai
  • Bonsaify LLC (CA) Eric and Dory Schrader: bonsai, containers
  • Bonsai Tonight LLC (CA), Jonas Dupuich, CA: bonsai, tools, books
  • Carman's Nursery (CA), Nancy Schramm: pre-bonsai and accent material 
  • Crataegus Bonsai (OR), Michael Hagedorn: bonsai publications
  • Dennis Vojtilla (OR): bonsai 
  • Drew Tucker (CA): bonsai, containers
  • Earthwares Bonsai and Kusamono (OR), Vicki Chamberlain: handmade ceramic containers 
  • Frank's Custom Jewelry (OH), Frank Mihalic: bonsai-inspired jewelry
  • International Bonsai (NY), William N. Valavanis: bonsai, bonsai publications
  • International Bonsai Mirai LLC (OR), Ryan Neil: bonsai, containers, stands
  • Jay McDonald (CA): bonsai
  • Ki Bonsai Art (CA), Paul Stephan: handmade ceramic containers
  • Kyodai Bonsai (OR), Tri Nguyen: bonsai, containers 
  • Left Coast Bonsai (OR), John Eads: bonsai, pre-bonsai 
  • Lotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens (CA), Scott Chadd and Bolet Salvador, bonsai, containers 
  • Mendocino Coast Bonsai (CA), Bob Shimon: bonsai, containers
  • Mikel Edwards (CA): handmade ceramics
  • Peter Tea Bonsai, (CA), Peter Tea: copper wire, bonsai
  • Rakuyo Bonsai (OR), Andrew Robson: bonsai
  • Reel Bonsai (OR), Matt Reel: bonsai
  • Randy Knight (OR): bonsai
  • Rough Cut Pottery (CA), Robert Potts: handmade ceramic containers
  • Sansokuu Arts (OR), Mary J. Lai: handmade ceramic containers
  • Tim Burke (CA): bonsai
  • Tokutake Bonsai (OR), Nao Tokutake: handmade ceramic containers